May 052010


Lana was at home having a wank with her sex toy but she felt the need for more that just one cock filling her holes.

She has an idea and calls an agency to send round a stud to satisfy her sexual needs and fulfill her fantasy.

When the guy arrives, he finds Lana lying back with her stockinged legs high in the air and the machine pounding away at her pussy.

The guy has a fit muscular body that turns Lana on even more, so she tells him to feed her his cock as she so desperately wants to taste his meaty erection.

Cranking up the thrust rate of the fucking machine Lana opens her stockinged legs wide, and as the machine thrusts it’s cock up her gaping pussy she takes the stud’s 9 inch cock in her mouth at the same time.

Thrusting her head back and forth, Lana feels the crown of the stud’s huge cock hitting the back of her throat, gagging on his huge erection as it fills her mouth.

Being filled with two cocks at the same time sends Lana over the edge and she reaches her first climax, but she is not yet finished.

Bending over the sofa, Lana takes the machine’s cock yet again, feeling it penetrate deep into her hungry cunt as she orders the stud to fill her mouth with his delicious thick cum.

Watch Lana take two cocks, as they ram her pussy and gag her mouth at the same time, in this movie from Leggy Lana.

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