Horny Secretary Lana Gives A Foot Job In Nylon Stockings

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Jul 232013
Leggy Lana Cox Is A Sexy Secretary Giving A Foot Job In Stockings

Horny secretary Lana gives her male colleague a sexy foot job in nylon stockings then wanks off his cock

Sexy secretary Lana loves having her feet massaged by her office toy boy, especially when she is wearing stockings. She recently started wearing fully fashioned nylons and garter belts under her skirt as part of her work clothes and saw the amazing effect it had on all the guys. She often caught them paying attention to her legs as she walked by and some even complemented her on how shapely and sexy they looked in nylons, much to her appreciation.

One day Lana got into a conversation with her handsome co-worker about stockings – how much he enjoyed seeing a woman wearing them, especially the fully fashioned variety. They chatted and flirted for a while, then Lana invited him to massage her feet, slipping off her high heels and stretching her legs out towards his lap.

Taking her feet in his hands he began to massage the undersides with firm but gentle strokes, spreading her nylon covered toes with his thumbs, then running them back over the seam of her nylon soles. As his hands cupped her tired feet Lana felt a kind of relief and the erotic sensation of his fingers kneading her arches, sent signals of pleasure up her legs.

Lana was feeling highly aroused by the attention her feet were getting, so for the benefit of her colleague she lifted the hem of her skirt higher to reveal the taught garter straps attached to the tops of her stockings. Seeing her naked thighs framed by her stockings and garters had an immediate effect on her co-worker and it was not long before she noticed that there was a massive bulge in his pants. The incredible sexual tension between the two of them led from one thing to another, ending with Lana giving her co-worker a foot job and letting him spunk over her dainty feet.


Glamourous Blonde Secretary Masturbating In The Office In Her Shiny, Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

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Apr 192013
Blonde Glamourous Secretary Masturbating In The Office In Shiny, Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

Glamourous Blonde Secretary Lana Masturbates In The Office In Her Shiny, Sheer Nylon Pantyhose in this video at Pantyhosed 4u

Horny secretary Lana loves wearing pantyhose because of the way they feel so silky, smooth against her legs and turn her on…

When you arrive at her office for a meeting she notices that you are looking at her legs in shiny, sheer nylon. As she sits cross legged in her chair she talks about her pantyhose in a very sexy way and rubs her legs together so that the silky, shiny nylon reflect bands of light as her legs brush against each other.

Lana stands and leaning against the desk she pulls up her tight skirt to show she is not wearing panties under her sheer nylon pantyhose and then strips off her jacket and slips her skit down her pantyhosed legs.

Lana gives a rear view of her ass sheathed in its layer of tight fitting nylon as she leans over and sweeps her hands up her long legs from her ankles to the top of her pantyhose thighs.

Laying down on the top of the desk, she rips a round hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and then slipping her fingers between the wet, juicy lips of her hot cunt she openly masturbates to climax in her sexy nylon tights.


Lana Cox In Fully Fashioned Stockings

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Jan 252011


British based model Lana Cox has recently released her own personal website Leggy Lana which focuses on her fabulous legs and delectable size 3 feet. If you love beautiful ladies feet then you are going to love Lana, as she is a real glamorous blonde who lives the lifestyle and loves to wear all kinds of fine lingerie, nylon stockings, pantyhose and stiletto heels.

Not only does Lana have sexy photos and videos of herself on her website Leggy Lana, but she will send you her stockings and pantyhose on request, with a personally signed Polaroid picture of her wearing them. Or if you’d prefer a personal photo set or a video made to your specification, just let her know what scenario you like to see her in and she’ll make your fantasy come true.

Lana not only has stunning looks, but brains as well, I might add. She was born and raised in Russia, in a small suburban town near Moscow and studied linguistics at university where she graduated in English, Russian and German. Getting a job as an interpreter offered her an opportunity to move to England in 1991, though instead of translating, she ended up being a successful Page3 model and Playboy centerfold. Ever since Lana has enjoyed her fantastic lifestyle, which has enabled her to travel all over the world. Everywhere she went people commented on her shapely legs and pretty size 3 feet.

Take a look at this hot video trailer of secretary Lana giving her co-worker a stocking footjob in her office.

Sep 232010
leggy lana cox nylon stockings blonde in heels masturbating

Lana knows how much many of her fans enjoy being teased by her sensuous and shapely legs clad in the finest nylon stockings, so she made this video with them in mind.

Watch how this mistress of tease expertly runs her hands up and down her stockinged legs and admires them in her expensive nylons.

See how she dangles her shoes from her nyloned toes, then points her feet and soles close to your face, so you can smell the scent of her delicious size 3 feet in nylon.

Get ready with your cock as Lana slides off her panties and slips a gloved finger deep into her pussy, finger fucking her hot sex hole until she has an exquisite orgasm.

Click here to watch this video trailer of Lana masturbating or view her latest updates at Leggy Lana.

Lana Fucked By The Machine In Her Nylon Stockings

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May 052010


Lana was at home having a wank with her sex toy but she felt the need for more that just one cock filling her holes.

She has an idea and calls an agency to send round a stud to satisfy her sexual needs and fulfill her fantasy.

When the guy arrives, he finds Lana lying back with her stockinged legs high in the air and the machine pounding away at her pussy.

The guy has a fit muscular body that turns Lana on even more, so she tells him to feed her his cock as she so desperately wants to taste his meaty erection.

Cranking up the thrust rate of the fucking machine Lana opens her stockinged legs wide, and as the machine thrusts it’s cock up her gaping pussy she takes the stud’s 9 inch cock in her mouth at the same time.

Thrusting her head back and forth, Lana feels the crown of the stud’s huge cock hitting the back of her throat, gagging on his huge erection as it fills her mouth.

Being filled with two cocks at the same time sends Lana over the edge and she reaches her first climax, but she is not yet finished.

Bending over the sofa, Lana takes the machine’s cock yet again, feeling it penetrate deep into her hungry cunt as she orders the stud to fill her mouth with his delicious thick cum.

Watch Lana take two cocks, as they ram her pussy and gag her mouth at the same time, in this movie from Leggy Lana.

Lana Cox Dominated By Mistress Saffy In Nylon Stockings.

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Aug 052009

Lana Cox Is Made To Please Stocking Mistress Saffy In This Movie - Lana- Cox-Mistress-Saffy

Blonde leg queen Lana Cox enjoys being dominated and made to please and satisfy her nylon stocking clad Mistress Saffy, in this hot and dirty movie.

Lana enjoys her normal role as a dominant, but has never experienced “the other side” of being a submissive slave, until now!

Dressed in latex, her mouth gaged by a rubber ball, Lana is chained to the metal bed and awaits her Mistress Saffy.

Mistress Saffy, dressed in a latex dress, black nylon stockings and high heel court shoes looks stunning.

She calls Lana her little slut, and punishes her by spanking her naked ass, first with her hand, then with a paddle which leaves Lana’s bottom very pink and tingling.

Saffy wastes no time in ordering Lana to service her needs, and makes Lana lick her heels, stockinged legs and pussy.

Lana tries hard to please her mistress, licking Saffy’s hot cunt and fucking it with a large black dildo, but her efforts seem to be never ending. Mistress Saffy enjoys making Lana work hard at bringing her to orgasm.

Lana licks and licks Saffy’s clitoris with her tongue, while pushing and stretching her Mistresses’ cunt with that big black dildo until she finally cums loud and hard.


Danica Dominates Lana In Nylon Stockings

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Jul 182009

Lana And Danica Enjoy Fem-Dom Sex In Nylon Stockings

Busty milf Danica dominates Lana Cox in nylon stockings in this fem-dom and lesbian bondage fantasy video at Leggy Lana.

Lana finds herself waking up tied up to a chair and blindfolded with a stocking in an abandoned house.

She hears a familiar voice and feels soft hands roaming all over her body, and realizes it is Danica, who wants to teach her a lesson.

Danica makes Lana suck and bite her huge titties, then gets down to licking Lana’s cunt, making her squirm with pleasure in the chair she is tied to.

Then Danica removes the blindfold and shows Lana a massive black dildo that she pushes inside Lana’s gaping cunt, forcing it deep inside, and stretching her eager pussy hole to the limit.

Lana secretly enjoys being forced to have sex and before long she is released from her bondage and is pleasuring Danica with a pink vibro.

See all the hot girlie action featuring Lana and Danica in sexy seamed nylon stockings in this video from Leggy Lana.