Rachel and Jerry’s anal pantyhose play.

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Aug 122007


Rachel and Jerry are a young couple discovering the joys of pantyhose and nylon sex.

One day Jerry comes home to find his lovely young wife masturbating with her pantyhose pulled down and stretched tight around her thighs.

He finds pretty Rachel reclining in a chair with her legs folded back, stuffing a dildo up her sweet ass.

Jerry gets his cock out and watches as Rachel masturbates in front of him. She shows him how the dildo has stretched her asshole, so that now she can easily penetrate her butthole with the rubber cock. All that anal masturbation in her pantyhose has made Rachel feel incredibly sexed-up and she invites Jerry to stuff his cock up her chute.

Jerry gets into position and penetrates his lovely wife’s ass for the first time. He fucks her in several positions, all the time with her pantyhose stretched around her thighs. Eventually Jerry withdraws his cock and shoots his spunk all over his pretty wife’s firm round ass.

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