Jan 072007

German photographer Andy Conner started his European based pantyhose, leg and foot fetish site back in 2001. His intention was to create a site which would provide only the best quality images, featuring both amateur and professional models. The result is his site Conner.de, which has attracted an international following with the largest market being American, as well as interest from the Japanese, Australian and European markets.

The majority of the site content is photo images of attractive women stripping off their clothes, posing in pantyhose and often masturbating solo. Each week Conner.de publishes a new photo series with approx 100 pictures, so that each month the member receives at least 400 new images. All photos are totally unique and of the highest quality, and the site itself is simply and tastefully designed, with really easy navigation

Expect to see lots of long legs, open pantyhose crotches and close ups of nylon covered feet at Conner.de. What’s more you can even purchase the model’s pantyhose after they are worn from the photo sessions. If you are a serious pantyhose connoisseurs then I think you will most certainly appreciate the delights of Conner.de, as much as I have and I look forward to seeing more from this particular site.

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