Mar 102007

Gorgeous Katarina puts on a sexy show as she masturbates in her open crotch pantyhose in this exclusive video from

Katarina has large voluptuous breasts, yet she manages to pull the waist of her pantyhose up and stretch the nylon over her lovely boobies. She stands close up to the camera and rubs her cunt through her black thong, just like she’s there in front of you. She’s so close up you can hear her fingers rub at the material of her panties as she gets herself excited.

Katarina kneels on the couch with her ass in the air and slaps her ass cheeks, then rubs her cunt and ass using both hands. Katarina talks dirty all the while and she asks ‘are you ready to cum with me?’ Her face is hot and flushed with excitement as she gets down on the floor and vigorously masturbates until she climaxes.

This latest video update of Katarina’s pantyhose masturbation can be found in the members area of, the European pantyhose, leg and foot fetish website.

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