May 122006
Danni (200 x 301).jpg

Something that really turns me on is the sight of a smartly dressed business woman. Many women enjoy wearing lingerie beneath their work outfits, not only because it makes them feel good having it next to their skin, but also because of the thrill they get from turning on everyone who happens to know they are wearing it.

You can often tell who is wearing lingerie beneath their formal attire from that look of pleasure on their faces. I think this comes partly from that self-knowledge they are wearing something sexy beneath their tight skirts and loose satin blouses. Many of these women like to tease as well, enjoying the effect they are having on the male population. So if you happen to be in the office and catch a glimpse of stocking top and thigh, I think you can be fairly certain that such a sight was not by accident. I just love an office tease, don’t you?

Talking of teases, take a look at gorgeous Danni from Only Tease, stripping out of her smart secretaries suit after a hard days work at the office. Nice!

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