Plump Lesbian Humiliated In Layers Of Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Pantyhose

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Jan 072014
Plump Lesbian In Layers Of Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Pantyhose Humiliated By Mistress

Plump lesbian Lucy gets dominated and humiliated in her layers of nylon stockings, suspenders and pantyhose by Mistress Julia

Julia has got herself a new submissive lesbian whore to play with and this time her plaything is a sexy plumper with huge HH size tits!

Lucy arrived dressed as per Julia’s instructions wearing a layer of tan sheer nylon pantyhose under which she was wearing panties, suspenders and nylon stockings.

Julia set about dominating her new sub and slapped her voluptuous tits around and bit on her thick nipples, then got between her thick thighs and lick her cunt through the reinforced over of her pantyhose gusset.

Lucy was made to kneel, her big round ass clad in her sexy knicks, stockings and suspenders looking so damn hot and sexy! Julia gave Lucy’s buttocks a slap with her hand, then ripped open her sheer nylon pantyhose and exposed the fleshy cheeks of her big fat arse.

Julia fingered Lucy’s exposed bumhole then spreading the cheeks apart she went down and and slid her tongue all over Lucy’s ass hole and gave it a good lick, which made the plumper squirm with sexual delight.

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Lana Cox Dominated By Mistress Saffy In Nylon Stockings.

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Aug 052009

Lana Cox Is Made To Please Stocking Mistress Saffy In This Movie - Lana- Cox-Mistress-Saffy

Blonde leg queen Lana Cox enjoys being dominated and made to please and satisfy her nylon stocking clad Mistress Saffy, in this hot and dirty movie.

Lana enjoys her normal role as a dominant, but has never experienced “the other side” of being a submissive slave, until now!

Dressed in latex, her mouth gaged by a rubber ball, Lana is chained to the metal bed and awaits her Mistress Saffy.

Mistress Saffy, dressed in a latex dress, black nylon stockings and high heel court shoes looks stunning.

She calls Lana her little slut, and punishes her by spanking her naked ass, first with her hand, then with a paddle which leaves Lana’s bottom very pink and tingling.

Saffy wastes no time in ordering Lana to service her needs, and makes Lana lick her heels, stockinged legs and pussy.

Lana tries hard to please her mistress, licking Saffy’s hot cunt and fucking it with a large black dildo, but her efforts seem to be never ending. Mistress Saffy enjoys making Lana work hard at bringing her to orgasm.

Lana licks and licks Saffy’s clitoris with her tongue, while pushing and stretching her Mistresses’ cunt with that big black dildo until she finally cums loud and hard.


Danica Dominates Lana In Nylon Stockings

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Jul 182009

Lana And Danica Enjoy Fem-Dom Sex In Nylon Stockings

Busty milf Danica dominates Lana Cox in nylon stockings in this fem-dom and lesbian bondage fantasy video at Leggy Lana.

Lana finds herself waking up tied up to a chair and blindfolded with a stocking in an abandoned house.

She hears a familiar voice and feels soft hands roaming all over her body, and realizes it is Danica, who wants to teach her a lesson.

Danica makes Lana suck and bite her huge titties, then gets down to licking Lana’s cunt, making her squirm with pleasure in the chair she is tied to.

Then Danica removes the blindfold and shows Lana a massive black dildo that she pushes inside Lana’s gaping cunt, forcing it deep inside, and stretching her eager pussy hole to the limit.

Lana secretly enjoys being forced to have sex and before long she is released from her bondage and is pleasuring Danica with a pink vibro.

See all the hot girlie action featuring Lana and Danica in sexy seamed nylon stockings in this video from Leggy Lana.