Sep 232011


Pretty teenager Sophie makes sure all the guys get a good look at her pantyhosed ass and pussy, whenever she is visiting the local park, especially on a hot summers day.

When she sees some guys sitting on the benches, Sophie bends over in her short skirt pretending to tie her laces, or pick something up, or pet someone’s dog as it passes by.

She knows all the male casual observers are looking at her naked pussy and ass, just visible through the mesh of her sheer nylon pantyhose. To make it even more exciting for them, she wiggles her ass a bit as she continues to bend forward, totally innocent of course.

It gives her a thrill to know all the men are looking up her skirt and it gets her pussy juices flowing. She has to run home, lock herself in her room, and rub her hot pussy through her pantyhose, imagining all those guys wanking over the sight of her cute pantyhosed pussy and ass.

Sophie is a dream girl in nylon pantyhose, and fortunately those guys at Pantyhosed 4U have videoed her masturbating for your pleasure.

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