Lucy Zara – Sexy Blonde With Big Round Ass Masturbating In Ripped Shiny Nylon Pantyhose

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Sep 152012

Lucy Zara Sexy Blonde Masturbating Her Cunt In Ripped Shiny Nylon Pantyhose Pics And Video

Lucy Zara’s black lace dress is so short it barely covers her ass and thighs which are encased in some of the shiniest, sheer pantyhose I have ever seen.

Bands of iridescent light cross over the surface of her glossy tights as she bends and moves, drawing her hands up the back of her legs to the rounded curves of her ass sheathed in tight, shiny nylon.

‘I suggest you rub your cock right over them, see how soft and silky they really are,’ Lucy suggests, leaning over and extending her leg to one side and then slides her hand up from her ankles to her pantyhosed buttocks.

Sitting, she opens her legs to draw her hands up the inside of her thighs, then feels her pussy through the tight, sheer nylon encasing her crotch. Then turning around to kneel on the seat, she tilts her big, round pantyhosed ass upwards and moves it about in a very erotic way that looks so inviting.

Lucy tears at the seat of her pantyhose and ripping a hole in the rear she opens the lips of her moist cunt with her fingers and touches the ring of her ass. Then she sprawls on the floor in her shredded tights and masturbates to orgasm in her horny, ripped pantyhose.



Cute Teenager Teases & Masturbates In Her Nylon Pantyhose

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Sep 232011


Pretty teenager Sophie makes sure all the guys get a good look at her pantyhosed ass and pussy, whenever she is visiting the local park, especially on a hot summers day.

When she sees some guys sitting on the benches, Sophie bends over in her short skirt pretending to tie her laces, or pick something up, or pet someone’s dog as it passes by.

She knows all the male casual observers are looking at her naked pussy and ass, just visible through the mesh of her sheer nylon pantyhose. To make it even more exciting for them, she wiggles her ass a bit as she continues to bend forward, totally innocent of course.

It gives her a thrill to know all the men are looking up her skirt and it gets her pussy juices flowing. She has to run home, lock herself in her room, and rub her hot pussy through her pantyhose, imagining all those guys wanking over the sight of her cute pantyhosed pussy and ass.

Sophie is a dream girl in nylon pantyhose, and fortunately those guys at Pantyhosed 4U have videoed her masturbating for your pleasure.

Watch this trailer of Sophie masturbating in her sheer nylon pantyhose, she is hot!

Blonde Evey’s Ass Encased In Pantyhose Nylon

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Aug 152011

Cute little blonde Evey is a jazz dancer in her spare time, so no surprise that she has some of the loveliest legs and sexiest pantyhosed ass you will see anywhere.

Standing in the kitchen Evey bends and shows off her fine, nylon clad ass, making sure we get a good look at those globes sheathed in hot nylon mesh. Then she pulls the pantyhose waist down over her ass and bares it in full, the hose pulled tight between her thighs.

Then Evey leaps up onto her kitchen counter and masturbates excitedly through her ripped and torn, glossy pantyhose. See Evey get excited in the kitchen in this hot pantyhose movie from Pantyhosed4u.

Nina Hartley Super Milf In Pantyhose Gives Jerk-Off Instruction

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Feb 032011

nina hartley super blonde pornstar milf in glasses and pantyhose jerk-off instruction

Dressed in conservative clothes from the waist up, and only pantyhose from the waist down, Nina Hartley is one wild cougar who really knows how to talk dirty and get results out of her man.

Watch as super Milf Nina lifts her skirt and suggests you use her pantyhosed ass as a nylon target for you to shoot your cum onto.

Or maybe you’d rather sandwich your cock between her insteps, fucking her feet till your cum erupts and covers them with your sticky sperm.

Perhaps, you’ll just want to rub your cock over her juicy cunt, tightly encased behind the mesh of her nylon hose.

Although, when she turns around and wiggles that pantyhosed ass at you, it’s hard not to get fixated on her butt, and just shoot your jizz over it right now!

But, Nina is focused on training you how to hold back your sperm, and it’s her legs wants you to concentrate on first, as she encourages you to jerk-off your hard cock.

Whatever turns you on, Nina wants to build up your pleasure until you are really ready to deliver a heavy spermload on her pantyhose nylons.