May 292008

Ashley likes lift her skirt and show off her panties and stockings

Girdle girl Ashley likes to show off her panties and stockings to all the guys who want to see them at her Panty and Nylon Paradise.

Meet Ashley, she loves panties, especially retro panties, bikini panties, full bottom briefs, and also she loves to wear nylons stockings of the vintage variety. She also has a nice collection of garter-belts, suspender belts and girdles with metal clasps to hold up her nylons!

If you want to take a peek up her skirts and get a glimpse of what she is wearing, she’ll make sure you do and hopes you’ll show your appreciation.

See her parade around with her skirt lifted up revealing her sexy underwear, her stockinged legs sheathed in nylon, hips swaying so seductively as she walks with her tight panties hugging her ass.

Visit Ashley and her underwear loving friends at her Panty and Nylon Paradise today, and let her tease you just the way you like it.

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