Horny Secretary Lana Gives A Foot Job In Nylon Stockings

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Jul 232013
Leggy Lana Cox Is A Sexy Secretary Giving A Foot Job In Stockings

Horny secretary Lana gives her male colleague a sexy foot job in nylon stockings then wanks off his cock

Sexy secretary Lana loves having her feet massaged by her office toy boy, especially when she is wearing stockings. She recently started wearing fully fashioned nylons and garter belts under her skirt as part of her work clothes and saw the amazing effect it had on all the guys. She often caught them paying attention to her legs as she walked by and some even complemented her on how shapely and sexy they looked in nylons, much to her appreciation.

One day Lana got into a conversation with her handsome co-worker about stockings – how much he enjoyed seeing a woman wearing them, especially the fully fashioned variety. They chatted and flirted for a while, then Lana invited him to massage her feet, slipping off her high heels and stretching her legs out towards his lap.

Taking her feet in his hands he began to massage the undersides with firm but gentle strokes, spreading her nylon covered toes with his thumbs, then running them back over the seam of her nylon soles. As his hands cupped her tired feet Lana felt a kind of relief and the erotic sensation of his fingers kneading her arches, sent signals of pleasure up her legs.

Lana was feeling highly aroused by the attention her feet were getting, so for the benefit of her colleague she lifted the hem of her skirt higher to reveal the taught garter straps attached to the tops of her stockings. Seeing her naked thighs framed by her stockings and garters had an immediate effect on her co-worker and it was not long before she noticed that there was a massive bulge in his pants. The incredible sexual tension between the two of them led from one thing to another, ending with Lana giving her co-worker a foot job and letting him spunk over her dainty feet.


Stunning Brunette Teasing In Layer Of Black Stockings, Suspenders & Pantyhose

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May 012013

Louise-Marie Stunning Brunette Model Teasing In layers Of Black Nylon Stockings And Pantyhose At Layered-Nylons

Stunning brunette Louisa Marie stands and poses with hand on hips in her tight black dress, the tops of her black nylon stockings and suspenders appeared tantalizingly visible below the hemline.

She turns to give a rear view and lifts the dress higher to show she is wearing a black, satin suspender belt, the suspenders stretching across her thighs as they pull taut on the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Her lingerie is layered over black, sheer nylon pantyhose, which looks exquisite as it clings to the shape of her pert buttocks as she stands and gives a view of her shapely legs in nylon and heels.

Louisa Marie strips out of her dress and reveals she is wearing a very pretty black and purple bra with a delicate lace pattern, then she grips the her pantyhose and stretches them right up her waist.

See stunning brunette Louisa Marie teasing in a layer of black stockings over sheer nylon pantyhose in this 128 image photo set at Layered-Nylons.

VF Academy – Horny Uniformed Schoolgirl Wanking In Her Bedroom In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

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Mar 182013
Sasha Cane naughty schoolgirl masturbating in sheer nylon panties, stockings and suspenders at vf academy

Horny Uniformed schoolgirl Sasha masturbates in sheer nylon panties, black stockings and suspenders in this video at VF Academy

Sasha was sent to her room for wearing lipstick and flirting with the boys by one of her teachers, but that doesn’t stop her having some fun on her own…

Sasha applies even more lipstick as she looks in her compact mirror and admires how pretty she looks, as she lays on the bed with her legs open so the crotch of her panties, stockings and suspenders are in full view.

She loves how her legs look so sexy in her black nylon stockings and pushes her hand between the top of her nylons and the tanned flesh of her thighs. Then getting into a kneeling position, she lifts her skirt over her pantied ass and gives it a sexy little wiggle as she moves her hand over the soft, sheer nylon encasing her perfectly formed buttocks.

Sasha strips out of her school uniform and removes her bra, then reclining on the bed she pulls her panties from under her buttocks and slips them down her legs to take then off.

Her lovely shaved pussy looks perfectly framed by the webbing of her garter-belt stretching out to the tops of her nylon stockings as she lays on the bed and masturbates with her fingers slotted up her sopping wet pussy.


Vixen Shows Off Her Sexy Feet In Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Feb 072013

Vixen shows of her stocking feet in seamed nylon stockings and suspenders

Vixen provides some extreme close-up shots of her stockinged feet for all her dangle and foot lovers following many requests. You can even see the weave in her sheer nylons as she holds the seamed soles of her feet right up close for you to admire.

‘I know you love to see me thrusting my feet and toes at you, and to see me without any panties on too,’ Vixen says. ‘So come up closer as I wiggle my feet in front of your face and give you a look at my trim pussy between my thighs.’

Vixen kneels and presents her lovely ass in full view, her pussy framed by super sexy black suspenders stretching over her arse and down to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

What a splendid view of those taut suspenders straining on the shiny black welt of her stockings as she sways her sexy arse.

Time for you to whip out your cock and spunk all over this ladies seamed stockings, feet and heels. She’ll love it!


Jan Burton – Blonde Mature Business Lady Masturbating In Her Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

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Oct 182012

Jan Burton - Sexy Blonde Mature Business Lady Masturbating In Her Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Pics And Video

Jan was looking through her accounts one morning, and as she read through the ledger she was only slightly conscious of her hands reaching down to stroke her stockinged legs. She became distracted by the movement of her hands and the lovely sensation caused by the new pair of fully-fashioned nylon stockings she was wearing.

Noticing that one of her suspenders had detached itself from the welt of her nylons, she lifted up the back of her skirt to clip the metal clasp it back in place.

Now that her attention was drawn to the lovely array of suspenders and the sight of her sexy stockinged legs, she knew she would not be able to concentrate on her accounts. The desires that her sexy stockings aroused made her feel the need to masturbate, so she stripped off her jacket and skirt and settled back in her chair.

Jan spread her legs and allowed her hands to caress her fit mature body and fondle her breasts, then slipping her hand between her stockinged legs she massaged the lips of her hot mature cunt and made herself orgasm.


Brtitish Student Nurse In Uniform Fucked In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

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Jun 012012

British Student Nurse Fucked In Uniform, Black Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video At Jim Slip
Sexy, nurse Jessica gets a fucking in her black seamed stockings and suspenders in this video by Jim Slip.

Yes, we all know what British student nurses are like – fucking mad for sex! When gorgeous blonde nurse Jessica turned up to make this video with Jim, she dressed up in her uniform, black seamed stockings and heels, as she knew he would love it…

Jessica had decided that it would be very horny to get dressed up like those nurses from the 60s, who actually did wear seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and high heels.

Sure enough, lovely Jessica looked gorgeous in her blue nurses tunic and her legs looked super sexy in their seamed black stockings and heels. She also proved to be a real slut and Jim fucked this beautiful young nurse every which fucking way.

Jessica loved getting fucked in her stockings and finished off by wanking Jim’s cock into her mouth and swallowing his spunk like all good nurses do to their horny male patients.


Rebecca More – Filthy Maid In Seamed Nylon Stockings Gets A Fucking

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Feb 012012

Filthy Maid In Stockings Gets Fucked And Licks Up Cum Video
Rebecca enjoys any excuse to slip into a sexy maids outfit, stockings and heels, and get down to cleaning her office.

There she was happily cleaning away, bending over so the tops of her stockings and cheeks of her ass peeked out from under her dress, when she caught one of the office guys checking her out.

Rebecca kept bending over in front of him, flashing her round ass until she could see the huge bulge in the front of his pants.

That was all the encouragement she needed and getting on her knees she took his erect cock deep inside her mouth, gagging on the thickness of it, but smiling away.

She cleaned his cock up nicely and gave it a lovely polish, but a dick like that needed more work and her pussy was the only option.

“Fuck me and fuck me hard!”, she implored, and he threw her over to the table, bending her over to ram his thick cock inside her and fuck her from behind.

Grabbing Rebecca’s suspendered ass, he thrust his meat deep inside her tight cunt and gave her the ride of her life. Then Pulling his cock out of her throbbing cunt hole, he splashed his sperm on the floor where Rebcecca got on her knees to lick it up.

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Jan 142012

Lara's British MILF Fucked In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video


Lara demonstrates how to correctly put on black fully-fashioned nylon stockings, then gets a good fucking by Jim, in this video at Lara’s Playground.

Lara’s partner, Jim, is a ff-stocking fan and she knows how much he gets turned on by seeing her wearing seamed, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders.

Firstly, she shows how to put on genuine ff-nylons, then once she is dressed in her stockings, suspenders and heels she is ready for a good fucking!

Lara and Jim fuck in a series of positions, then holding her down on the sofa and grabbing her suspendered arse, she urges him to fuck her hard from behind.

There’s nothing better than fucking a dirty stocking slut in suspenders, and Lara loves having Jim’s cock inside her hot cunt, giving her what she really needs.

But Jim saves his spunk for the finale, and wanking over her nylons he unloads his thick white cum over her sexy stockinged thighs.


Fetish Sue Is A Sexy MILF In Nylons.

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Dec 292011



If you enjoy a bit of extreme nylon sex, then Nylon Extreme featuring kinky British nylons mistress Sue is a site you’ll certainly enjoy.

Sue likes to get kinky in layers of nylon stockings, pantyhose, garter belts and heels, then stuff her cunt and ass with her favourite sex toys. She frequently wears fully-fashioned and vintage nylons, a range of kinky uniforms and enjoys getting her nylons wet and messy.

I like this set in which Sue plays with her sex toys, dressed in her seamed nylons, lingerie and heels.

Check out Sue’s free tour to find out more about this sexy MILF in nylons at Nylon Extreme.

Elegant Angel In Black Sheer Nylons, Girdle And Heels

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Oct 212011


Angel is a fetishist,  who enjoys dressing in elegant dresses, costumes and uniforms, fully-fashioned nylons, lacy holdups, pantyhose, girdles, garter belts, and high heels that make the shape of her legs look so sexy.

You’ll find Angel has a strong focus on feet in nylons, foot jobs, cum shots, cocks in nylon being wanked off, blow jobs and nylon hand jobs… Yes, Angel is great at teasing with her nylon covered legs, and you can see all the nylon action on over 100, 000 images, plus movies at Nylon Angel.